Dana White Pays Fan For McGregor Painting Ahead Of Mayweather Fight

UFC President Dana White pays one fan for an extraordinary bit of creative work done ahead of the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.

There have been a lot of memes, video edits and photo shop snaps making the waves of the internet in recent weeks but when you come across a genuine piece of artwork befitting of perhaps a museum somewhere, you know it’s a big event.

One fan has been rewarded for his creative exploits via a payment from Dana White and access to the new UFC training headquarters in Las Vegas to catch a glimpse of McGregor making his final preparations ahead of his pro boxing debut on August 26th against Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking to the Mac Life Productions, White said:

“Yeah, so all the people have lining up a round the building waiting to get a glimpse of Conor trying to get in and this guy was trying to get in. He painted a picture of Conor. One of the security guys showed me a picture of it and I go – that is incredible. I love it. So I asked him to come here tonight. He was willing to give it up for free but I paid him for it.”

It also turns out that Conor McGregor now has his very own boardroom at the new state of the art UFC training facility, after White concluded:

“I thought it was a great picture. We’re going to hang it up here in the Conor McGregor boardroom.”

McGregor has long preached that one day he would have his own UFC office at the company headquarters in Las Vegas.

Well, to be fair to him, that’s actually after becoming a reality.

The company sold for over a whopping $4 billion dollars earlier this year. It’s fair to say the superstar draw of Conor McGregor had a little something to do with it.

If Conan O’Brien and other celebrities now hold shares in the UFC company, perhaps it’s only right that their biggest fighting star has his own office.

For the full interview above check it out on MacLife Productions YouTube (hat tip):