Mick Conlan AIBA 1 Year Anniversary Message Pulls No Punches

The Mick Conlan AIBA one year anniversary has come today and the Irishman has an upfront, from the heart message for the organization.

This time a year ago at the 2016 Olympics Michael Conlan exited the tournament draped in controversy after been a hopeful of at least medal before hand for his country of Ireland.

What ensued was a shocking decision by judges that cost Conlan his dream at amateur level and secured him an early flight home back to Ireland.

The world of not just boxing but indeed the sports community internationally were outraged by the decision, in what proved to be a highly contentious Olympics for the sport of boxing.

Afterwards the amateur body responsible for regulating boxing globally, the AIBA, came under intense scrutiny and continue to.

Conlan made his feelings well known at the time saying ‘amateur boxing stinks to the core’ and labelled those involved as ‘cheating b*******.”

Well, a year has passed and a lot has changed for the positive for Mick Conlan – who has since turned pro with US promoters Top Rank.

He’s feelings for AIBA however remain the same:

Conlan is now 3-0 (3KO) as a professional and has already boxed at iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden on last St.Patrick’s Day in New York.

He is expected to next fight on September 22nd in Tucson against an opponent to be named.

(Top image source and credit: Mick Conlan Twitter account)