McGregor Continues Unorthodox Preparation For Mayweather

mcgregor continues

Irishman Conor McGregor continues his more bizarre, outside the box training and preparation techniques ahead of Floyd Mayweather.

Perhaps the world will wake up on August 27th in shock that the best boxer of this generation was beaten by a novice pro on his professional debut.

And perhaps in McGregor’s words, that the world will then go back over and study his unconventional training techniques and fighting style that he used to do it.

In reality though – that most likely isn’t going to happen.

The boxing ring has been described by many far more qualified than this Irish writer as the chamber of truth many times.

On August 26th, the truth will indeed find the brave Conor McGregor.

His drive, ambition and determination and massive levels of courage to do what he is doing must be commended but at some point, reality will hit home that crossing over into another sport at the highest level is a painful lesson.

His training techniques for this fight have been the topic of many memes and video edits on the internet thus far.

Whether it be his hilarious shadow boxing style to his well, I’m not sure what this is – but it certainly looks impressive:

Perhaps the most unique photo yet has come from the Irishman on his Instagram this morning – as he posts this almost futuristic-style snap of him saying:

“Goodnight Earthlings.”

Some would suggest that McGregor may indeed have to do something sub-human on fight night to win the bout.

Such is the difficulty in the task he is up against on August 26th.