Shane Mosley Has Ominous Words For McGregor Ahead Of Mayweather Fight

Shane Mosley like many others in the world of boxing thinks Irishman Conor McGregor only has one real chance of beating Mayweather.

The clock is ticking for both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor now as they complete their last intense week of training before fight week commences next week.

Typically this will involve final sparring rounds and peak intensity stamina work.

Usually fight week is all about making the weight for boxers, sharpening the tools from a technique perspective and going over the game plan with their trainers ahead of the opening bell.

However neither Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather will really have any trouble making the 155lbs limit that this fight is scheduled for though.

They also have a lot of their media obligations out of the way too at this point, with both their respective open media workouts taking place last week as opposed to traditionally taking place on fight week itself.

Mayweather-McGregor talk is literally everywhere online at the moment, with next week expected to be complete madness when fight week kicks off.

One legendary boxer who was attending the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame this past weekend when questioned about his advice for McGregor only gave the Irishman one shot.

Speaking to Fight Hype and other members of the media in Las Vegas, Shane Mosley said:

“For Conor, my advice was – there’s nothing he can do right now except for just run out there and throw hay makers. I don’t know if he took the fight on boxing skill. I don’t know if he should have did that.”

McGregor has said that people doubting him in the lead up to the fight has fuelled his intensity in preparation.

He’ll need every bit of his fighting passion by the looks of things, with not many in the boxing world giving him much of a chance to pull off the upset.

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