Floyd Mayweather Uncle Jeff Outlines Main Challenge McGregor Faces

Floyd Mayweather uncle Jeff Mayweather explains what the most difficult thing will be for Conor McGregor against his nephew.

The countdown to Mayweather vs McGregor is on with the fight just around the corner and although there has been some considerable money backing McGregor at the bookies, many within the boxing world have not changed their stance that the Irishman has zero chance in the fight.

One such boxing personality of this mind is of course Floyd Mayweather uncle Jeff Mayweather.

He sees the fight as being similar to that of when his nephew fought Arturo Gatti which resulted in one of the most brutal beat downs of the modern era in boxing.

Speaking to Fight Hype Floyd Mayweather uncle Jeff Mayweather said:

“The one thing more importantly, more than anything is the fact that – when you miss you throw away energy. Everybody knows Conor already gets tired. He’s going to be doing a whole lot of missing and eventually because of that missing he’s going to get himself in a position where Floyd is going to dominate him. I mean completely dominate him and basically stop him. That’s what I think in my mind and what I feel in my heart.

McGregor’s mantra within UFC has long been ‘precision beats power and timing beats speed’.

That philosophy will be put to the acid test come August 26th against a man who’s precision and timing is regarded as some of the best in the history of boxing.

For the full interview above check it out here on Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip):

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