Lomachenko Training Regime For His Brain As Different As You’ll See

The Vasyl Lomachenko training regime for his mind is as cutting edge in boxing today. An extraordinary scientific level of sophistication.

Mind flexibility is something the Lomachenko camp are taking to a new level ahead of his fight on Saturday night.

They are designed to be implemented approximately three hours after he works out – in order to relax the mind after a high period of intensity physically.

The school of thought behind their methods is that if the mind is fresher overall throughout camp, that in turn he will be able to have higher levels of concentration overall throughout a 12 round championship fight.

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Essentially, they switch Lomachenko from muscle work to mental work when implementing this methodology, to make his level of attention in a stable period for a long time – like it needs to come fight night.

Lomachenko Goes

It’s the first time this boxing writer at least has come across this but it makes sense.

The mind after all is just as important as the body. Particularly in a sport like the sweet science.

They say boxing is 90% mental at the highest level on fight night for elite fighters.

Fast forward to 4 mins 15 seconds into this below – to see how ‘Hi-Tech’ lives up to his nickname in more ways than one with the Lomachenko training regime for his brain:

(Hat tip: Top Rank YouTube)