Prichard Colon Now Making Steady Progress Week By Week

Fallen warrior Prichard Colon now doing better every week it seems with the updates that are filtering out. The latest has come below.

Earlier this week former Puerto Rican contender Prichard Colon was seen in the gym moving his head a little and making progress from not long ago being in a coma.

It was feared for a time that Prichard would not wake from the coma or even worse.

But this latest video on his YouTube channel showing him moving his head again shows he is long removed from the coma days and is making slow – but steady progress at the moment:

His showing of good responsiveness is surely a positive sign for the future.

You can take the fighter out of the ring but you can’t take the fighter out of the fighter. Once a fighter always a fighter.

As every positive update gets posted week by week and the support the boxing community continue to show for him, hopefully these positive vibes will filter through and help his recovery, even in a small way.

The 24 year old at one time was considered one of the most bright boxing prospects to come out of Puerto Rico in some time.

He amassed a professional boxing record in his career of 16-1-13KO.

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