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The now infamous Conor McGregor suit from his international press tour with Floyd Mayweather is up for sale.

The McGregor suit made world headlines when it was pointed out upon zooming in that the pinstripes read ‘f*** you’ all over the suit jacket.

He wore the suit while mocking Mayweather for wearing a tracksuit and school bag. Here’s a close up of the suit captured in one fan’s tweet:

The Irishman has put the suit up for sale on his close friend David August’ online store at

The store announced that it will be a limited edition version of the suit available for purchase at a cool €5000 a pop:

No doubt there will be plenty of men out there happy to fork out the five thousand for what became a bit of a fashion statement (to some perhaps) from McGregor, while also one of the main highlights of his press tour with Floyd Mayweather.

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In many ways the suit embodies the Irishman’s care-free attitude where he likes to take on all comers.

Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match however on August 26th is a step too far, in reality.

Here is the Irishman bragging about his new line of suits coming out this August:

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