McGregor Taking Elaborate Steps To Understand Boxing Rules

Conor McGregor taking precautions to make sure that he is fully clear on the rules of boxing when he steps in there with Mayweather.

Say what you want about Conor McGregor and his chances against Floyd Mayweather on August 26th, there is no denying the man’s work ethic and meticulous preparation thus far in his career that has seen him scale heights that few ever will in pro sports.

Behind the scenes he’s a man known for his attention to detail and his phrases like “precision beats power” and “timing beats speed” convey a fighter who never overlooks the finer details in preparation.

Or the finer print in contracts for that matter.

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He’s caused a stir this week with ‘that’ picture of him and Paulie Malagniaggi sparring but now it has also been revealed that he actually had a professional boxing referee supervise the spar in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Review Journal have reported that experienced world championship referee Joe Cortez was drafted in by McGregor, who said:

“I was highly recommended to McGregor’s team as a referee to teach them the rules of boxing before the fight against Mayweather.”

No stone is being left unturned by McGregor, clearly.

Whether it will be any use to him come fight night when he steps in there with one of the best boxers of this generation is another story all together.

He’s got a lot of weapons to watch out for from ‘Money’ Mayweather (hat tip Eduardo SP YouTube):

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