Conor McGregor Posts New Boxing Sparring Photos

Conor McGregor Posts

Conor McGregor posts new snaps of him sparring in the boxing gym ahead of his fight with Mayweather on August 26th.

All has gone quiet on the Floyd Mayweather front since his international press tour with Floyd Mayweather.

That much isn’t surprising, in that Mayweather often can disappear from the limelight until a big fight rolls around, controversy pops up or a press conference is scheduled.

Not the case for his upcoming opponent Conor McGregor however.

He probably puts out as much content on his social media accounts as any pro athlete does.

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Since his still photo post sparring former world champion Paulie Malignaggi many have been commenting in the various social media networks out there.

Here’s his latest two, the first one making his sparring partner miss and over extend with a right hand:

To which the post read:

“They will study my approach to this fight. The same way they have studied my approach to the multiple other styles of fighting that I have produced in my career.”

The next a lead right hand from McGregor – a move Floyd Mayweather knows all too well as an expert of the punch:

If McGregor thinks he can make Mayweather miss, play the Mayweather game and out land straight right hands, he may be in for a brutal surprise.

Then again, the above could easily be put out by team McGregor to confuse what McGregor is really working on behind the scenes.

Either way, it’s not going to worry Floyd Mayweather one suspects.

(Top image source and credit: Conor McGregor Instagram)