Malignaggi Destroys Two Online Trolls After McGregor Sparring Abuse

Former world champion Paulie Malignaggi destroys two online hecklers on Twitter following the American’s boxing spar with McGregor.

The fast-talking former world champion turned media man has found himself in the news a lot in recent times.

Initially since his various international punditry roles in boxing, to more recently – linking up with Conor McGregor as a sparring partner ahead of his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

Malignaggi has earned plaudits from both sides of the pond for his down to Earth personality as a pundit, while also being able to dissect the game intrinsically from a fighter’s perspective with buckets of knowledge passed on about the subtle nuances that often go unnoticed in the noble art.

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Perhaps equally as entertaining as his passionate punditry work is his no-nonsense approach to hecklers online.

He’s had to bat back quite a bit since Conor McGregor posted a picture of the two men sparring with these two verbal beatings perhaps the pick of the bunch most recently:

And Malignaggi destroys another online heckler:

It is understood that Malignaggi is also being used by McGregor ahead of his fight with Mayweather in a type of advisory role – where essentially McGregor is trying to pick the brains of the New Yorker for his boxing knowledge ahead of his daunting task against Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking here to Fight Hype, Malignaggi explains how the opportunity came about in the first place and why he took it: