There were alleged McGregor racist remarks made on his press tour with Floyd Mayweather and the UFC President has now reacted.

McGregor racist remarks were alleged after the Irishman referred to Floyd Mayweather as ‘boy’ during their international press tour and at one stage said:

“Dance for me boy.”

These seemed for harsh allegations considering the nature of Conor McGregor being a person that trash talks a lot and has never been known to make racist remarks in the past.

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Indeed, Floyd Mayweather’s own manager Leonard Ellerbe shut down such allegations on the¬†press tour when asked his opinion, as did Floyd’s father, Mayweather senior.

Now McGregor’s employer Dana White has poured further cold water on the allegations. White mentioned after the London press conference that:

“How this whole thing got started, as soon as we left LA, Conor started saying dance for me dance for me (motioning hands throwing money around). Then he said the stripper thing – you’ve (Mayweather) got 50 strippers on your pay roll. That’s what he was talking about (the strippers). Then Floyd came out yesterday and apparently was treating me and Conor like strippers. Throwing ones at us.”

He added:

“Everybody was talking about the racial thing and then Conor said what he said last night in Brooklyn – I’m half black from the belly button down. This is what they do. I don’t think he’s been racist. He also called out 50 Cent last night. Listen he’s got 50 Cent talking about him. He’s got Jay Z talking about him. He’s dragged a lot of people into this.”

Most people seem to disagree that McGregor was been racist. An Irish guy who was not aware of the negative tone that the word ‘boy’ can mean in other cultures and countries.

Here’s what the controversy was about – judge for yourself (hat tip MMA Weekly YouTube):

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