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McGregor Attacks Mayweather Security With Verbal Onslaught In London

Conor McGregor attacks the Floyd Mayweather security with an ear bashing in front of passionate fans in London, England.

Some of the Floyd Mayweather security have come in for a lot of flack this week.

Largely two guys who seem to be wearing muscle tops everywhere they go who are intent in getting involved in the story line by verbally having a go at McGregor when they can.

During the New York press tour stop the Mayweather security were nearly involved in a full blown brawl with members of team McGregor.

Alas, the altercation was broken up but the bad blood carried on into the next day.

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McGregor put up a social media picture the next morning mentioning that in his view the two security guys were nothing more than:

“Turkey juice heads.”

When he got to the stage in London he made sure that the two lads were not forgotten about and that they got the appropriate greeting in the UK:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

One of the broadcasters covering the event in the US this week, American commentator Brendan Schaub, also mentioned on his podcast ‘Fighter and the Kid’ that the two security guards annoyed him greatly and that they wanted to be overly involved in the show and in his words were:

“Desperate to be famous.”

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