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Watch: Figueroa vs Guerrero Fight Video Highlights

The Figueroa vs Guerrero fight proved to be a ferocious affair for as long as it lasted, but, it didn’t last long. A whirlwind of a fight.

Last night on PBC we saw all fights end by KO and the rising of a potential star in Marcus Browne.  We also witnessed the realization that the once former champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero has officially become a gate keeper.

The fight started out as if it was going to be a boxing match but in the second round as always, when ‘The Ghost’ got knocked down he reverted back to old habits and starting fighting Figueroa’s type of fight.

Even when Robert would have some good moments and would turn it up, he couldn’t seem to get out of the way of the uppercuts.

We have never seen Robert get blown out in this fashion and his heart can’t be questioned.

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His body is showing the effects of being in too many wars and it has taken a heavy toll on him now.

Maybe he needs new a trainer some say. I doubt it. Fighters like Guerrero who has always been such a brawler rarely convert back.

Figueroa showed that he has fully healed and in a good place and ready to see what is next.

That was the type of performance you need coming off of a long layoff. But as for Robert Guerrero, the light at the end of the tunnel on his career got a lot closer and brighter.

For those that missed it, here are the key video highlights in the Figueroa vs Guerrero fight (hat tip PBC YouTube):

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