McGregor Relentless In Abuse Of Boxing TV Exec

Conor McGregor relentless in his pursuit of hurling abuse of boxing TV boss from Showtime who he’s dragged into the story line.

When it comes to television executives in the fight business no one really cares.

It’s the fighters and the famous personalities in the fight business that fans want to hear from – not the guys in suits traditionally.

But for the first time in recent memory in the promotion of a big combat sports event, a TV executive has somehow become part of the story line in the build-up.

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Conor McGregor has targeted Showtime Vice-President Stephen Espinoza all week with verbal jousting and seems to have created a new nickname for him – ‘The Weasel’.

Apparently it all started from McGregor’s microphone not working on the first stop of their press tour in LA and subsequently the Irishman held Showtime responsible – namely directing his anger squarely at Espinoza.

On the final stop of the tour McGregor was not to let Espinoza off the hook either, as the American businessman looked clearly rattled and agitated here: (hat tip IFL YouTube):