Mayweather Reacts To McGregor Rubbing Him On The Head

Floyd Mayweather reacts to McGregor rubbing him on the head during their final London press conference leg of an international tour.

The cynical among the fight business have been mentioning all week how Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor could very well end up good friends after their August 26th fight in Las Vegas.

It’s not the craziest thought, considering they’ve been laughing and enjoying each other’s company a lot of the week and the fact they are both going to make each other quite a bit of money.

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In the final leg of their international press tour in London Conor McGregor at one point walked directly behind Floyd Mayweather and began rubbing him on the head.

Bringing about a smile and a chuckle from ‘Money’:

Referring to him afterwards as a ‘slap head’ and ‘peanut head’.

Dana White, the UFC President who’s also been on the tour this week, was under strict instructions from Mayweather’s adviser Al Haymon not to let McGregor touch Mayweather at any point.

Technically he’s broken this agreement but if the above reaction is anything to go by, it didn’t seem to bother Mayweather in the slightest.

Now that all the fun and games are over from the press tour both men have roughly six weeks that get themselves in peak fight condition come fight night.

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