Twitter Reacts To Final Mayweather McGregor Press Tour Stop

The final Mayweather McGregor press tour stop took place in London, England and got the internet talking to put it mildly.

The final Mayweather McGregor press tour is now over to the pleasure of some.

All in all it was an entertaining week in fairness.

But the constant day to day grind for both guys to keep coming up with new material became somewhat of a challenge in the end.

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Perhaps if there was a day or two break in between pit stops on the tour it might have been easier.

But then again, that could have taken nearly two weeks and eaten considerably into both men’s training camps ahead of August 26th.

Following the final Mayweather McGregor press tour stop in London reaction has been mixed online:

Well there you have it. The fun and games are over for at least a while.

Expect more crazy antics come fight week when the two men will meet again before August 26th.

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