Former heavyweight champion of the world David Haye details how he thinks McGregor can beat Mayweather on August 26th.

Haye might be one of the very few people in the boxing world who actually believes McGregor can beat Mayweather in a boxing match when they step in there on August 26th in Vegas.

The bookmakers continue to give McGregor a chance however, and the odds are not what you would expect for someone making his pro boxing debut going in against a modern day great who’s never been defeated.

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Speaking to The Mirror, Haye was keen to impress upon people that anything can happen in a fight:

“My fight was supposed to be one-sided with Tony Bellew, but did it work out? In boxing anything can happen, and that’s what makes boxing the most exciting sport in the world. Anything can happen under any circumstances. I know so many people who lumped on big money with me chinning him in the first few rounds, but you never know.”

In other interviews this week Haye also eluded to what would happen if like him in his fight with Tony Bellew, that Mayweather fell victim to injury mid fight against McGregor?

Essentially, Haye is giving McGregor the far fetched chance of Mayweather suffering a freak injury in order to win the bout.

But he is right in that anything can happen when two men enter into a fight. Everyone has a puncher’s chance, surely?

Here’s what happened to Haye in his fight with Bellew as a reminder that upsets can and do happen in the fight game:

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