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Pacquiao Had A Brilliant Reaction When Horn Got Told He Should Have Lost

Manny Pacquiao had a rather funny reaction to when he stood next to the man who got the decision over him post-fight.

Yes, it was a decision that most disagreed with overall but as boxing likes to often do, it created a lot of controversy.

People are talking about boxing again today, whether good or bad.

Of course that’s no consolation to Pacquiao who in his heart of hearts knows if he had fought Jeff Horn a few years back most likely it would have been a straight forward fight.

Credit to Horn though, who fought his heart out against Pacquiao and showed a level of performance that was out of his skin.

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In the post-fight interviews ringside commentator for ESPN Teddy Atlas told Horn that he thought he should have lost the fight.

Watch Manny’s reaction to hearing Atlas’ words:

Pacquiao, ever the legend.

His trainer Freddie Roach while mentioning he thought his man deserved to win the fight, was also magnanimous in defeat and paid tribute to how tough Jeff Horn was.

Likewise was Pacquiao’s assistant corner man to Roach who mentioned that they had perhaps underestimated Jeff Horn before the fight.

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