Jeff Horn Calls Out Mayweather After Beating Pacquiao

Newly crowned WBO welterweight world champion Jeff Horn calls out Mayweather in the ring after defeating Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane.

Jeff Horn must be feeling like a million dollars today after defeating boxing legend Manny Pacquiao in front of 50,000 plus of his passionate Australian fans watching on.

The decision was lambasted across social media since, but from Horn’s perspective purely – it must be like a real life Rocky story come to life.

A huge underdog going into the fight. No one gave him a shot to even trouble Pacquiao in the contest.

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Say what you want about the decision, but either way, Horn definitely gave a much better account of himself than many thought he would before hand.

Proving to be a rough, tough customer who raised his game on the big occasion.

After the fight the blood was clearly pumping through the veins of the new champion who took the opportunity to call out a certain Floyd Mayweather:

Realistically it would be hard to see how the man they call ‘Money’ could be tempted for a showdown with Horn as the finances involved would likely not be anywhere sufficient for him.

Regardless of that though, no doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more of Jeff Horn in the near future as the new WBO world welterweight champion.