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Two Positives From The Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao Fight

Although some fights leave a bad taste in boxing, there are at least two positive notes when reflecting on Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao.

There’s nothing wrong with criticising the fighters style, or questioning the decision, yet after a fight – fans can be adamant, stern and will snap quickly with numerous remarks, sometimes far-fetched theories. The boggling and baffling decisions are strenuous enough.

Whether it be your first professional bout, or last; this is a sport where age, records, style, titles, etc – all of that could go out the door – after taking a punch.. Now, the two positives regarding Pacquiao – Horn:

Firstly, Jeff Horn’s heart and Australia Boxing.

Round 9, Pacquiao landed 29/78 punches, with 19 of those – being power shots (some big left hands). Keep in mind – this is a fight where both boxers had thrown a combined total of almost 1200 punches.

Despite accuracy – Jeff Horn was taking Pacquiaos best shots, and in the last 1/4 of the fight – Horn was able to shake off the power punches.

Fans may speculate (over) on Pacquiaos”diminished” power, but fail to recognize the courage and willpower of any of his opponents, which Horn rightfully deserves.

Whether you believed the Australian boxer had any chance of victory, or not; Horn was still one of two men in the ring.

He’s the new WBO welterweight champion and it’s safe to say a lot of fans counted Horn out before the bell rang.

Now that this fight is in the history books, you can expect a lot more popularity surrounding Jeff Horn and the progression towards more Boxing in Australia.

Secondly, the class act in Manny Pacquiao.

Another fight, but unfortunately another familiar outcome for the people’s champion, Manny Pacquiao.

Fans have seen this scenario before.

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Where Manny Pacquiao gives it his all in the ring, leaving what wasn’t his most “graceful” performance, yet decisive enough for fight fans to give him the edge on the cards.

Horn won the fight, but Filipino legend remains the humbled individual he is.

“Manny Pacquiao says he ‘respects’ the decision of the decision of the judges and would ‘absolutely’ like to return for a rematch with Jeff Horn.” – (Nine News Australia).

A lot of boxers deal with constructive criticism, some more than others, through how they perform in the ring, outside, or both.

For a Hall of Fame  Boxer like Manny Pacquiao to get ridiculed and critiqued – for not being the KO artist he once was is astonishing.

Pacquiao is 38 and has delivered to the boxing world with seemingly endless excitement, but his professional persona outside the ring is truly what makes him a real champion.

The boxing world tends to focus on the conspiracies and the business more than the actual sport today.

What helps cope with a “shock loss” for the fans, or evidently a questionable decision- are knowing that they are coming and will always be a part of boxing.

This was not the most ideal outcome for a critical fight fan and that’s in a sense;  why that unpredictability has made the sweet science a beautiful sport.