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Early Mayweather McGregor Press Tour Details Let Slip By Dana White

The Mayweather McGregor press tour ahead of their August 26th Vegas boxing match likely will re-define the word ‘hype’.

Expect prolific, nutty trash talk, probably on UFC star Conor McGregor’s side the most.

But don’t be surprised if he evokes some of the old verbal slang juices within a now 41 year old Floyd Mayweather.

The two men seem to have similar personalities as far as how they conduct themselves in the lime light goes at least.

Two sportsmen well capable of drumming up press. The Mayweather McGregor press tour will be an international one around the world.

The likes of which will probably eclipse anything ever seen in combat sports to date.

Speaking to MMA Junkie UFC president Dana White confirmed that the Mayweather McGregor press tour will not go to McGregor’s home city of Dublin in Ireland however.

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Instead it will go to London in the UK.  A little surprising perhaps that it won’t stop in Ireland.

Maybe they took one look at when UFC star Jose Aldo visited Dublin ahead of a fight with McGregor in the past and the didn’t fancy going to the lion’s den.

The American side of the press tour is not known as of yet – but details should be forthcoming within the next seven days or so.

There has been speculation that all tour stops will be neutral though, in that Vegas like Dublin, will not be used on the tour either. Given that it is Mayweather’s hometown.

That leaves the likes of LA and New York realistically.

Many will remember when Floyd Mayweather travelled to the UK before his fight with Manchester boxer Ricky Hatton years ago.

Despite the rain what an atmosphere it was.

Mayweather wasn’t exactly given a warm greeting at the time and responded with the middle finger and some verbal jousting of his own: