Commentator Teddy Atlas Nearly Loses It After Pacquiao Horn Decision


Commentator Teddy Atlas blasts decision awarded to Jeff Horn over Manny Pacquiao in Brisbane, Australia, in a vintage Atlas rant.

The boxing world has been talking about the Pacquiao vs Horn scorecard and decision a lot today, but commentator Teddy Atlas who was calling the fight for ESPN let fly after the broadcast.

He’s known to be one of the most passionate men in boxing. Never afraid to speak his mind or in his view call it how it is.

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He’s went off on the sport of boxing in the past before, mentioning that in his opinion a lot of times controversial decisions are down to sheer incompetence or corruption.

Speaking after the Paquiao vs Horn fight he even told Jeff Horn right to his face that he didn’t think he won the fight – straight after Horn got out of the ring:

But the real Atlas aggression came out when he first heard of the result, disgusted by what he had witnessed at ringside.

Banging on the commentary table furiously and shouting in a passionate rage – he didn’t mince his words during this:

You have to respect that honesty and passion.