Video Shows Mayweather Hurt 5 Times In His Career

Mayweather hurt in his boxing career? Despite what some may think, he sure was. One fan has picked up on his five worst moments.

Mayweather Hurt On More Than One Occasion

There has been a lot of talk from Conor McGregor fans in the run up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather in August that if the Irishman lands he can hurt Mayweather.

Everyone has a puncher’s chance, granted, but the likes of Canelo Alvarez, Oscar De La Hoya and many other renowned boxers could barely land a glove on the American during their career.

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McGregor is a 0-0 novice professional boxer, so logic would tell you if the above couldn’t hurt Mayweather than the Irishman probably has a slim chance of doing so.

UFC president Dana White recently pointed out two times Mayweather was caught in his career:

No doubt Dana did some serious trawling of YouTube and the like to find those clips.

You can’t blame him for doing his job after all, promoting a fight and in particular – his guy Conor McGregor.

The times that Mayweather has been caught in his career he tends to take the blows pretty well. Possessing an ability to hold on and last out the storm.

One fan put together the top five times Floyd Mayweather got hurt in his career. Perhaps Conor McGregor will be studying this (hat tip Fight Echo):

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