3 Reasons Why Mayweather vs McGregor Can Eclipse All PPV Records

Mayweather vs McGregor can

Floyd Mayweather vs McGregor can shatter previous pay per view records worldwideand then some. Three reasons why.

Mayweather vs McGregor can most certainly beat the 4.6 million US pay per views of Mayweather vs Pacquiao in May 2015. Here’s why:

Cross Promotion

The worlds of boxing and MMA have come together briefly before but never on a crazy scale like this – with two of the sport’s biggest names involved.

Not only that, but the marketing machine that is the UFC is understood to be involved to be lending a hand in marketing the fight through different online segments that they are so well known for.

Other than that it is a Mayweather Promotions event, but expect lots of MMA personalities like Dana White and famous UFC fighters pumping out the social media posts in the run up to the fight.

An event that will have all the big names in both sports talking about it online.


Boxing has been due a mega event ever since the let down that was Mayweather vs Pacquuiao in 2015.

Although this fight is more of an event than a competitive match in reality, it comes at a time where the sport of boxing is buzzing once again and has been pitched quite soon from time of announcement too.

For a pleasant change.

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It’s also gone before the Golovkin vs Canelo fight in September which should help it to be the main focus of promotion for the summer in terms of boxing matches.

Furthermore Mayweather and McGregor’s fame is arguably at an all time high as sportsmen and public figures.

The end of August 2017 brings together the timing of two of sports’ and popular culture’s biggest celebrities at the moment.

The Hyper Bowl of Sports Events

It’s hard to see how funny and absurd the trash talk is really going to get over the coming months. Mayweather and McGregor are arguably two of the best self-promoters in their respective sports.

They damn well know how to sell a fight and if both are on song in the run up to this, the hype will surpass anything ever seen in combat sports.

The clash of accents and personalities will ensure that the build-up to this will be of the grandest ever seen in sports, a run up that will get the world talking: