Kovalev Manager Gets Graphic With His Thoughts On Andre Ward

Kovalev Manager

Sergey Kovalev manager Egis Klimas is still fuming over his man in his view getting fouled throughout his rematch with Andre Ward.

It hasn’t been long since the Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev rematch earlier this month in Las Vegas, but bad feeling and blood still clearly remains.

Kovalev supporters and his team still passionately feel their man was excessively fouled with low blows throughout the bout, and up to and leading to the eventual stoppage in round 4.

Following the fight Kovalev promoter Kathy Duva said she would be filing an official complaint with the Commission who regulated the fight – the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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Kovalev manager Egis Klimas, who also manages renowned fighter Vasyl Lomachenko, has taken to Instagram to portray his feelings in a more well, artistic manner:


In theory a third fight should be able to gain interest due to the perceived controversy in the first two fights, but as the second fight showed – ticket sales and pay per view numbers didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Therefore, with limited economic prospects for either guy in a part three, it is unclear if this route would be pursued at all.

The winner of both fights Andre Ward did indicate his intention to fight at heavyweight following the bout.

WBC title holder Adonis Stevenson remains another option for Ward and Kovalev, but up to this point both fighters have found it difficult to get him in the ring.