How Lomachenko v Rigondeaux Would Be Like A Meeting Of Two Grandmasters

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Lomachenko v Rigondeaux is a fight that will likely avoid boxing fans despite it’s compelling pure competitive nature.

In 1999 in the Netherlands’ two chess grand masters G. Kasparov and V.Topalov conspired to play out
maybe the most complicated and greatest chess game ever played.

To anyone who understands chess and has analysed this particular match up, you will know it was one of the most complicated games full of combinations and “King Hunts” ever witnessed on a real over-the-board game.

The idea that boxing could possibly witness a bout between two of i’ts technically most gifted grandmasters in the very near future has purists simply salivating at the thought of a fight full of beauty, spectacular combinations and sacrificial king hunts abounded in what could be ¬†boxing’s very own answer to the greatest chess match ever inside the ring.

Should the talents of Vasyl Lomachenko (8-1 6 KOs) and Guillermo Rigondeaux (17-0, 11 KO), both two-time Olympic gold medallists to boot, choose to sacrifice a bishop or a rook each in negotiations to make it happen, it is a possibility it could happen before the year’s end.

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Unfortunately one of the biggest problems in relation to making this fight a reality it would appear is the issue of money.

Regardless of the massive range of talents on display by both fighters, the reality sadly is this really is a fight for the hardcore boxing fans only with little if any interest from the casual contingent.

Therefore the true pot of gold would be legacy in truth, not financial. Unfortunately the hardcore fans are a tight fisted bunch – basically because the revenue isn’t there.

Simply put, if sacrifices can be made to make this fight happen we could witness a boxing masterpiece by two boxing grandmasters (hat tip GOAT Boxing):