Extraordinary Mayweather McGregor Promo Video Will Get You Hyped

Mayweather McGregor Promo Video

There’s been a few floating about as of late but this Mayweather McGregor promo video might be one of the best yet.

Hype and the fight business have always gone hand and hand, particularly over the last decade or so.

The Mayweather vs McGregor event is likely to blow away anything that’s gone before when it comes to pre-fight hype.

The international press tour details are expected to be announced soon to set up the first meeting of the two fighters from different sports in a public arena.

Trash talk is going to go into overdrive and no doubt Irish MMA fighter McGregor, who is notorious for his mind games, is planning a few special little surprises for Floyd Mayweather.

It’s hard to see how anyone can out crazy McGregor, but the brutal reality that lays ahead in August is something that he won’t be able to escape.

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Despite most not giving ‘Mystic Mac’ a chance, the bookmakers seem to think the bout is much closer than the boxing community would have you believe at least.

We asked our readers on Facebook recently can McGregor win a single round and more voted yes than no:

All shall be revealed in two months time on August 26th or course, but until then, the hype machine is what’s in full effect.

This ridiculously well edited Mayweather McGregor promo video sets the scene for what inevitably will be a fight watched by millions around the world: (hat tip Martial Arts YouTube)

Another rather slickly produced Mayweather McGregor promo video doing the rounds the last few days is this one put together by the stellar Mike Fight Promo: