Golovkin vs Canelo I Am Boxing Movie (Full Video)

The I Am Boxing movie has been released ahead of one of the best fights in boxing in years when Golovkin and Canelo throw down.

In the hype driven era in the sport of boxing we now live in, perhaps more so than ever, it’s easy to forget (for some) the sport’s long and rich history.

A history filled with tradition upon which the craft that the sweet science has evolved in over hundreds of years.

Legendary champions frequent the sport’s past and professional boxing now finds itself adapting to the social media-driven, technologically connected 2017 world that planet Earth now finds itself in.

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Upon close examination, the sport’s history has been filled with peaks and troughs in terms of it’s popularity.

Cyclical in nature, boxing tends to go through different times of fame and fortune – but always somehow manages to re-invent itself.

Perhaps at the moment, as of the summer of 2017, boxing now finds itself returning to prominence once again.

Genuinely compelling fights such as Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez for the middleweight championship getting made are a big reason for this.

Ahead of September’s bout in Las Vegas, promoter Golden Boy Promotions have brought out the I Am Boxing movie.

Here’s the full short movie from start to finish, enjoy: (hat tip Golden Boy YouTube)

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