Bernard Hopkins on Mayweather vs McGregor – B-Hop Puzzled

Bernard Hopkins on Mayweather vs McGregor, giving his thoughts on the event as well as touching on his career being over now.

Bernard Hopkins represents the old school of boxing at it’s purest. A sweet science genius at his core.

A fighter who learned his craft as a young man in Philadelphia, then in prison and then in a professional career that saw him bounce back from losing his first ever pro fight to go on to record one of the great legacies in the sport.

The oldest fighter to ever win a world title is a record that will take some beating. A man that perhaps looked after himself as well as any athlete in history.

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So when the whole Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor boxing carnival topic comes up, it’s understandable that such an old school boxer is a bit surprised by the whole situation.

Hopkins lost his last fight to a younger foe at the tail end of 2016 but now the great Bernard Hopkins is going on record saying that at 52 years young, he is now finally done with the sport.

He’s achieved everything he’s had to to this point and feels there is nothing more left to do.

Here he speaks Fox 11 Los Angeles YouTube (hat tip) about the subject, as well as expressing his bafflement at the whole Mayweather vs McGregor fight this coming August: