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Ringondeaux Thoughts On What’s Holding Lomachenko Fight Up

Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko Predictions

The Guillermo Rigondeaux thoughts on what is stopping a potential fight between him and pound for pound rated Vasyl Lomachenko.

I once heard the expression mentioned that if one messes with a genius in whatever his craft is, expect the full brunt of the consequences.

It’s context was referring to a boxer who had gotten under the skin of a certain Muhammad Ali one time. The resulting beating Ali dished out was one of the most gruesome of the time.

Put two boxing geniuses in a ring against one another and the result could be something quite extraordinary.

Vasyl Lomacehnko and Guillermo Rigondeaux, along with Floyd Mayweather in my opinion, are probably the three most skillful boxers of the modern era we live in today.

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In terms of pure technique, boxing IQ and ring craft that is.

I always wonder what a fight would have been like between Mayweather and Rigondeaux, if ‘Rigo’ was just that little bit bigger in weight.

Alas, the fight never happened as the size difference was too much between the two boxers.

But now the modern boxing era has a chance to see two of it’s best fighters go at it, Rigondeaux and Ukraine native Vasyl Lomacehnko.

Following his fight recently ‘Rigo’ called Lomachenko out.

But he thinks now that there is one reason that will stop the fight, Lomachenko’s promoter, and has brought out the following graphical illustration of his theory:

The risk reward for such a fight no doubt would be minimal at best, given how dangerous Rigondeaux is but limited business-wise in terms of those outside of boxing who know of him.

But forget business for a second, lets just think boxing for a moment – what a pure boxing-match it would be at it’s heart (hat tip Philip F. Whitney YouTube):