Ricky Hatton’s Straight To The Point View Of McGregor Mayweather

Ricky Hatton has a rather frank opinion of the whole McGregor Mayweather fight and carnival atmosphere that accompanies it.

When it comes to big fight atmospheres Ricky Hatton knows more than most.

Having taken gigantic numbers of fans with him abroad on many occasions to watch him fight, he knows a thing or two about how the build-up to the big fights unfold.

The McGregor Mayweather boxing match at the end of August is likely to be the biggest single spectacle every seen in fighting sports.

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A hype train of epic proportions that is starting to gather more and more steam by the day.

When the two fighters do eventually meet face to face for the first time on their expected press tour – the trash talk will no doubt be of the insane nature.

I’m sure there are plenty of stunts being planned at present by both men.

Ricky Hatton however doesn’t think much of it as a boxing contest though, like many within the sport. Despite being a massive fan of McGregor he doesn’t think the bout will end up being much of a fight at all.

Hatton famously shared the ring with Mayweather during his career and was ultimately stopped with a vintage Mayweather check left hook.

Here’s what the ‘Hitman’ thinks of McGregor Mayweather (hat tip BT Sport YouTube):

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