Mayweather Appears To Be Bulking Up And Going For A KO Of McGregor

Floyd Mayweather appears to be looking for a stoppage against Irishman Conor McGregor in their fight in Vegas.

Since multiple pieces of footage have emerged today of Floyd Mayweather training in a California gym for his much hyped showdown with Conor McGregor – many of those in attendance commented that he looked razor sharp in sparring.

Indeed this leaked video of the former pound for pound number one conveys that he is certainly still very quick and on point.

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But another prevailing theme of those in attendance was that Mayweather is making a serious effort with weights to increase his power punching and get stronger ahead of the fight.

McGregor will be the bigger man in there and perhaps Mayweather might be expecting Marcos Maidana-style brawling tactics from the Irishman who may look to hold and grapple a lot.

Perhaps utilizing some of his MMA skills in this regard within the boxing ring.

Typically McGregor doesn’t fight like this though. Like Mayweather, he’s more of a counter puncher. But surely he knows if he tries to box Mayweather in any shape or form that it will spell a painful night.

Mayweather is seen here working the weights heavily in the gym with many commenting that he is bulking up for McGregor – judge for yourself (hat tip Fight Hype YouTube):