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Leaked Mayweather Sparring Footage Ahead Of McGregor Fight

Some leaked Mayweather sparring footage has emerged today as the American boxer prepares for his showdown with Conor McGregor.

Preparation is well and truly underway for both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor ahead of their August 26th Vegas boxing bonanza.

Both men have been training diligently and today Mayweather was in a gym in LA for a change outside of his usual boxing club in Las Vegas.

From pictures and footage that has been reported so far he looks to be quite sharp. Certainly more bulky than what he was before too.

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The fight being at 154lbs no doubt suits the 40 year old American at this point in his career and the weight cut, if any at all that is, should be minimal.

Its the same for McGregor who is the lightweight (155lbs) champion in the UFC. So neither athlete will be under any pressure to make the weight at least.

Mayweather is obviously taking McGregor somewhat seriously to be fair. He’s drafted in southpaw sparring partners bigger than him two months out already to replicate the Irishman.

Today a small amount of footage from a reporter shot behind a window has emerged.

Usually Mayweather never allows filming of his sparring – unless he wants to put something out there. The fact sparring footage had to be caught in such an under cover manner also conveys how seriously he’s taking McGregor.

If you skip to 45 seconds into the following video (TMZ YouTube hat tip) you will see the first sparring footage of a now 40 year old Floyd Mayweather.

(Mayweather sparring footage 45 seconds into the video)

He still appears to be quite sharp considering he hasn’t fought in some time and is now 40 years old.

Mayweather of course, is known to keep himself in good condition year round – rarely seen out of a fitness gym of some kind or his own boxing club throughout the year.