James DeGale and Badou Jack Get Into It Tastelessly On Twitter

Published On May 22, 2017 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

James DeGale and Badou Jack exchange some rather classless insults at one another online following the pair’s fight in January 2017.

Usually when a fight ends boxers have respect for one another, shake hands and that’s it. Sometimes however, that just isn’t the case.

Genuine dislike and rivalries can be formed and in the world of boxing at the moment the UK vs USA rivalry really seems to be coming back to life.

Particularly with the amount of fighters from both countries either holding world titles at present or at least fighting for them.

Although Badou Jack is from Sweden originally, he is based in Las Vegas and fights out of the Mayweather boxing gym.

He fought James DeGale to a majority draw back in January in Brooklyn and bad blood has permeated between the two ever since.

Even in the post-fight interview DeGale was furious with the decision and had a verbal pop at Jack’s promoter Mayweather in the ring.

DeGale has got into it with a few American boxers this weekend on Twitter and in his latest spat with US based pugilists he and Badou Jack have had, well, a rather crude conversation online with one another that’s gone a bit like this:

(James DeGale and Badou Jack get into it)

Ah, boxing. Perhaps a rematch between these two is inevitable one.

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