Andre Dirrell Cousin Snaps In The Ring And Punches Boxer Bare Knuckle

Andre Dirrell cousin Leon Lawson absolutely looses it in the ring as he unleashes a devastating sucker punch on cousin’s opponent.

Former champion Andre Dirrell won a disqualification last night in a bout against Jose Uzcategui in Oxon Hill but the controversial bout became even more controversial after it was over.

Dirrell had been hit late after the bell, which clearly incensed his cousin and corner man Leon Lawson – but what was to come next absolutely nobody expected.

As Lawson went over to the Jose Uzcategui corner to what was expected to be the usual post-fight respects been paid, he released a powerful left hook out of nowhere to the jaw of Uzcatequi.

Followed by a right hand straight at his throat.

It is understood police in the area are still looking for Lawson in what looks like will now become a criminal matter as one commentator noted it as assault at the time.

It came totally unexpected and shocked everyone in attendance.

Dirrell has previously been involved in fights in the past where he was the victim of a foul, notably against Arthur Abraham in the past which caused him a lot of health issues afterwards.

So no doubt his uncle Lawson was trying to protect his nephew, but no excuse whatsoever can be offered for this moment of madness: