Watch: Ray Beltran Produces A Knockout Of The Year Candidate

Ray Beltran rolled the clock back with a bat out of hell in the form of a lead left hook in the second round last night.

A 35 year old Ray Beltran showed there is more than enough fight left in the old dog yet with a thunderous knockout at Madison Square Garden last night.

He scored the knockout in the second round against Jonathan Maicelo, after a highly strange 1st round that saw a clash of heads that the referee ruled as an official knockdown.

It caused a cut on both fighters and then Beltran proceeded to score a knockdown of his opponent towards the end of the first round.

Maicelo came out strong in the second and looked to press the action, but a lead left hook from Ray Beltran detonated on him that caused the end of the night.

One of the best lead left hooks seen in sometime perhaps.

Beltran has now put four wins on the spin together back to back since a NC in 2015 and a loss to Terence Crawford in 2014 before that.

Ray Beltran looked in fantastic condition as well as having his timing obviously down last night, so who’s to say he can’t make another run at a world title?

Here is how he closed the show last night and the main highlights: