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Tyson Fury Open Letter Addressing The Turmoil In His Life

The Tyson Fury open letter looking seeks to explain his side of what has gone on since beating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

While many are talking about Anthony Joshua’s massive win this weekend over Wladimir Klitschko, a lot of fight fans will also wonder if Joshua be facing Tyson Fury anytime soon.

Most likely a fight between the two could not be possible until very late this year or early next year due to Fury needing to return to fitness, have at least one warm up fight, get his boxing license back in the first place and also address an ongoing situation with UKAD.

Before last night, Tyson Fury was the last man to beat Klitschko.

He did it via unanimous decision back in November 2015 and was barely hit by Klitschko in the fight, let alone dropped or hurt in the contest.

That’s a long time ago now and a lot has happened since. Here is the Tyson Fury open letter to fans, the boxing world and everybody else on what happened and where he’s at now in his life:

Whatever you’re opinion of Fury might be is, there is no denying that his comeback to the sport will add more interest given the rivalry already forming with Joshua.

If Joshua vs Klitschko this weekend was one of the biggest fights in years, just imagine how big Joshua vs Fury will be if it happens.

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