Joshua vs Klitschko Cameraman Apparently Celebrating A Joshua Winning Bet Slip Mid Fight

This Joshua vs Klitschko cameraman is apparently caught on camera (ironically) celebrating a winning bet while at work.

A Joshua vs Klitschko cameraman has made Twitter headlines with footage that apparently shows him (in the opinion of folks on Twitter that is) celebrating a winning betting slip as Joshua closes the show against Klitschko.

Joshua stopped Klitschko in round 11 in what was a ferocious fight that had a little bit of everything.

Of course there is no evidence that the below cameraman had a bet on the fight, and the below clip more than anything is just a humorous observation made by an on the ball Twitter user who was at the fight.

The Joshua vs Klitschko cameraman could just be a big fan of Joshua too, mind you. We’ll let you make up you’re own mind:

What do you reckon? Either way, there’s no rule saying that cameramen can’t have a bet on a fight their working is there?

Fair play to him if he did and to Mitchell Jones (hat tip) above who caught the cheeky moment.

No doubt a lot of people had a bet on Joshua to win inside the distance last night either way.

Before hand it was the popular bet, but after round 6 the live betting odds for that outcome must have nose dived when Joshua was dropped.

What a comeback and win though. Incredible stuff. Surely the best night of heavyweight title boxing in a very long time.