Twitter Reacts Big To A Pro Boxer’s Sensible Take On Joshua Win Over Klitschko

The Joshua win over Klitschko was certainly a big one for him and the sport but many seem to be jumping to a lot of conclusions already.

The reality is that Anthony Joshua is still a rookie learning his trade. He did more of that learning last night under perhaps the most extreme of conditions that could be asked of any athlete.

On just his 19th pro fight, after a relatively short amateur career it must be noted, he boxed in the centre circle of a gigantic stadium venue that set all sorts of records in British sport – which he deserves massive credit for.

He showed immense heart to come back from been knocked down and ultimately improved his professional boxing record to 19-0-19KO.

He was humble in victory and clearly knows he is still a work in progress, which is nice to see.

However as is often the case in sports like boxing, some are already likening him to being the next Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis.

They say never judge a story until it’s finished and while Joshua’s boxing story has been a special one so far, it’s still just in it’s infancy.

One pro boxer from the UK called Joe Selkirk 14-0-8KO, an undefeated middleweight from Liverpool, has sparked a big reaction on Twitter with this take on the Joshua win over Klitschko:

What do you think? Do you agree? A lot of folks on Twitter think he’s on the money.