Past Anthony Joshua Opponents Detail What His Punching Power Is Like

Former Anthony Joshua opponents speak on just how hard he hits ahead of the Wembley stadium fight with Klitschko.

Joshua has been on a knockout spree since turning pro a few years back. 18 fights and 18 knockouts so far spells a perfect record.

One previous opponent this week labelled his jab on it’s own as:


It’s not often heard by professional boxers talking in those terms. Joshua’s power is clear to see, but to land it against Klitschko will be the tricky part.

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Traditionally, at least in recent times, Klitschko has not been easy to hit at all. However Joshua has all the attributes on his side to break this trend.

He’s got the reach and speed for a big man to land his power shots. Speed kills as they say in boxing and Joshua has underestimated hand speed for a big man.

Indeed that’s probably where a lot of his power comes from.

His fundamentals seem to have improved fight to fight considerably too, but he’ll need to out hustle and out bustle Klitschko early on to land those bombs.

Speaking on Sky Sports news today a collection of past Anthony Joshua opponents spoke on his power and abilities as a fighter: