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Home » Anthony Joshua Brings Out Bone Crunching Video Ahead Of Takam Fight

Anthony Joshua Brings Out Bone Crunching Video Ahead Of Takam Fight

Some last minute, subtle mind games with Carlos Takam? Anthony Joshua brings out a video showcasing some of his most vicious KO’s.

Mind games are not really the style of Anthony Joshua going on previous fights.

But one thing is for certain, when he gets in there he’s as vicious and relentless as any fighter.

Sometimes in his pre-fight ring walks I’ve noticed he does tend to make it somewhat intimidating for his opponents with ominous videos showing him knocking people out.

As his opponents stand in the ring, watching on and waiting for him to make his ring walk.

This isn’t uncommon however and you only have to go back to the Klitschko brothers who did similar to their opponents.

The power of image and video was not lost on them as subtle methods to get inside their opponents heads. Along with a few other tactics travelling challengers often found themselves contending with.

This latest knockout video certainly sends out a message to Takam if he’s watching it:

(Hat tip Anthony Joshua Instagram)

19 fights and 19 wins by knockout so far, will Takam become victim number 20 out of Joshua’s opponents? The bookies would certainly have you believe so – if you take a quick look at the odds.

But Joshua knows Takam can punch.

Joshua was put down in his last fight against Klitschko and showed that he can be hurt in the Dillian Whyte fight too, so is by no means is invincible.

Nor is anyone in the heavyweight division.

But if going on fight styles, you’d have to say Joshua’s reach alone is going to be something very difficult for Takam to try to get inside.

Takam, a shorter but very aggressive fighter, will need to get up close to Joshua if he is to have any chance of landing something significant.