Adrien Broner Sets

Adrien Broner Sets The Record Straight On Shooting

Published On April 24, 2017 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Adrien Broner sets the record straight about what really happened when he was involved in a controversial shooting recently.

Boxer Adrien Broner was involved in a well publicised shooting incident last week.

It was reported that Broner was pulled over in Kentucky and detained briefly for an apparent warrant violation for him there dating back a number of years.

This came after Broner was allegedly shot at multiple times by an unknown attacker and subsequent footage of Broner getting arrested emerged here.

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Now Adrien Broner sets the record straight to TMZ on what happened last week – saying:

“Every killer wants a celebrity on their list.”

It is understood that Broner will appear in court next month at some point. From a boxing perspective Broner fought back in February in his home state and defeated Adrian Granados on points.

Here is the full interview with the folks at TMZ YouTube (hat tip and credit) as Adrien Broner sets the record straight on what happened in the shooting and his thoughts on why it happened:

Broner had been training with boxer Floyd Mayweather a lot in recent months and had also planned to link up with him again soon.

Possibly to help Mayweather with preparation for a potential Conor McGregor boxing match later this year.

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