Latest McGregor Boxing Video and Message For Mayweather – Also Mentions Pacquiao

The latest McGregor boxing video has come and he’s had a message for Floyd Mayweather, as well as mentioning Manny Pacquiao.

The latest McGregor boxing video has drummed up a fair bit of debate and well over 4.5 million views on Instagram. It shows the Irishman talking about boxing movement and shadow boxing.

As well as talking about tips for a young fighter he helps with boxing by exchanging videos and critiquing them, he’s had a long message accompanying the post:

Latest McGregor boxing video

In recent days the Mayweather fight looks closer to ever before being made.

McGregor’s child with his girlfriend Dee Devlin is expected this weekend and after that most likely his side of the negotiating will be done.

It’s up to Dana White and team Mayweather to hammer out their side of the deal now.

Although McGregor mentions ‘Manny’ (Pacquiao) above, anything less than a Mayweather match now after all this hype would surely be a massive let down for all.

Tom Craze of Bad Left Hook made a good point on the above video last night that got quite a few re-tweets:

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