Tyson Fury Theory On Why Joshua vs Klitschko Won’t Actually Happen

The Tyson Fury theory on why one of the biggest heavyweight fights in years could fall apart at the last hurdle.

The Tyson Fury theory on what’s about to happen over the next week or so is perhaps typical of the man. Always on the wind up mission against Anthony Joshua.

He’s been relentless this week.

The usually calm and reserved Joshua has even bitten back in interviews and on social media. Only Tyson Fury could get under someone’s skin that much with mind games.

Whether or not Joshua admits Fury has gotten to him is another matter. His replies and responses this week however surely convey at some level that Fury is in his head.

Now Fury’s gone on the attack again. This time against the event itself and a quick bit of abuse at promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Tyson Fury theory on why the fight won’t happen:

If the fight were to fall out this close what a disaster it would be. Never say never, though.

Fury speaks from experience above having had two massive fights with David Haye fall apart in the past close to the fight. Due to injury.

With only just over a week to go now it would be highly unlucky mind you.

Here’s a quick stroll down memory lane when David Haye pulled out for a second time at the last minute against Tyson Fury:


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