Old Anthony Joshua Coach Reveals What Happened In Tyson Fury Sparring

Former Anthony Joshua coach opens up about what really happened when Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury sparred.

An old Anthony Joshua coach has gone on record on what took place a number of years ago in a sparring session between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Fury has been vocal to put it mildly in the run up to Joshua’s fight with Wladimir Klitschko next week. He’s bombarded him with abuse and even managed to get Joshua’s reaction on a couple of occasions.

In the past when both men were starting out, the two squared off in a ring for three rounds behind closed doors in a gym in the UK.

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Fury had been quite complimentary to Joshua in the past about the spar. His verbal warfare more recently most likely is just to sell a potential future fight.

The early promotion for such a bout if it ever takes place.

Joshua for his part has never really spoken much about the spar. Sparring is sparring after all, but now that both men have come so far in their pro careers, it makes for interesting to know how they got on before the fame.

An old Anthony Joshua coach has gone on the record speaking about what happened that day to Sky Sports: