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Carl Frampton Responds To Internet Death Threat

Two-weight world champion Carl Frampton responds to sickening death threat him and his family received from someone on Facebook.

Earlier this week it was revealed here that this disturbing message was sent to the wife of Carl Frampton, Christine Frampton.

Done so by an unknown Facebook user.

The above message threatened to kill Carl Frampton, his wife and children in a truly disgraceful act. It is not known who sent it or how serious it was.

It is understood that the Facebook account that sent the above message has now been closed down. Speaking to BBC Talkback – Carl Frampton responds to the internet user who sent the message saying:

“I just really think it was some clown, probably young, sitting in his mum’s front box room thinking he’s a hard man.”

Whoever did send the message is no doubt barking up the wrong tree. Picking a fight with a world champion boxer and his family is never going to end well.

Hopefully it was just a troll as Frampton suggests above.

The message has caused widespread disgust in the boxing community this week since it was revealed. Perhaps the worst online threat ever sent to a boxer in recent times.

Frampton, a proud Belfast man, has often been seen doing his part for the city where he can. This short clip recently by the Belfast Telegraph showing as much: