Anthony Joshua Responds To Tyson Fury Abuse

Anthony Joshua responds to the messages he’s been getting from Tyson Fury in the build-up to the fight of his life against Klitschko.

Anthony Joshua is in the very last stages of preparation now. He gets in with Wladimir Klitschko April 29th. Like the build-up to any big fight, there’s always a lot of hype.

On top of this people tend to come out of the woodwork to drum up interest too. Tyson Fury ever the media opportunist, has been on the verbal onslaught towards Joshua in recent days.

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He’s dished out as much verbal abuse as he can at Joshua and his promoter Eddie Hearn. Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV Anthony Joshua responds to Fury saying:

“If I’m the poor man’s Frank Bruno it’s a credit. He was a true servant of boxing. He represented himself well. He gave us entertaining nights. So if I can be compared to a poor man’s Frank Bruno I’m halfway there.”

He added:

“Instead of talking so much, everyone wants to see you (Tyson Fury) back, get fit and comeback. I’m a heavyweight that you want to fight. Why not?”

Fury has always been a man who knows how to wind people up. Some pointed out before his fight with Klitschko in November 2015 that he got underneath the skin of Wladimir.

Whether or not he did is open to opinion.

He certainly boxed very well on the night. If a Fury and Joshua fight does happen one day the mind games will be interesting beforehand.

They seem like they are on an inevitable collision path at the moment. But Fury will need to have a comeback fight first.

Getting fit and in shape will also have to be done. Tyson has always blown up in between fights but lately he looks his heaviest ever.

Joshua vs Klitschko will no doubt be one for the future. For the full interview with IFL TV (hat tip) check it out YouTube as Anthony Joshua responds to Fury: