Projected Mayweather vs McGregor Purse

Dana White has put a number on the expected Mayweather vs McGregor purse. Lets take a look at the breakdown.

The Mayweather vs McGregor fight purse is going to be big. We all know that. Just how much the two guys make depends on a few factors though.

First off is the actual Mayweather vs McGregor purse itself.

What is this exactly? Usually the guaranteed amount the both men declare to the relevant Athletic Commission overseeing the fight. Depending on what State in the US.

That’s if it happens in the US and by all accounts it will. Most likely in Vegas.

Speaking on Colin Cowherd’s show UFC president Dana White said he thinks Mayweather should get north of $100 million. McGregor around $75 million.

Not bad work if you can get it.

Of course, the fight could in theory generate a lot more than this all told.

When you take into account everything from the pay per view, international rights fees, sponsorship, merchandising and the like.

Some believe it could smash all the Mayweather vs Pacquiao records of 2015. Likely both guys would get some type of cut from the pay per view too. As would the UFC.

It is understood Mayweather will get a guaranteed amount either way. His uncle Jeff Mayweather was quoted as saying recently:

“Floyd will get what he asked for.”

It’s hard to not see how Mayweather is not the slightly more ‘A-Side’ in the fight. In terms of his past records he’s done and what’s he’s earned.

At the same time though – he needs McGregor as much as McGregor needs him for this event. The fight doesn’t happen without both guys at the end of the day.

This no doubt is going to be the most hyped combat sports spectacle of all time. Guaranteed:

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