Carl Frampton Family Receive Shocking Death Threat Online

Carl Frampton family get this truly disturbing death threat from a Facebook profile online that makes for shocking reading.

Two-weight world champion Carl Frampton is currently on the lookout for his next opponent following his most recent bout to Leo Santa Cruz in Las Vegas back in January.

Now however, the Carl Frampton family have received a disturbing message from an unknown Facebook user who sent the following to Carl Frampton’s wife:

The user above as you can see threatens to murder Frampton, his wife and his children in a truly disturbing message that is as crazy as anything we’ve seen.

The Facebook profile has reportedly been deleted since.

In a world full of internet trolling perhaps the above was simply that, just a troll. Hopefully. Either way, the seriousness of the above cannot be taken for granted.

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For example, just recently a disturbing video on Facebook surfaced that went viral around the world involving what has now been dubbed ‘The Facebook Killer’.

The above message is a truly cowardly thing to send to a woman about her kids and husband. Talk about picking on the wrong guy, too. A two-world champion professional fighter.

Carl Frampton has not addressed the following just yet on his social media.

From a boxing perspective, it is thought Frampton will return to the ring sometime in the summer time with a number of options open to him.

It was thought previously that a rematch (part III) against Leo Santa Cruz would be the front runner but a definite opponent and date remains to be seen as of yet.

In case you missed their last fight in January check out the highlights here (hat tip petrovboxing):